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Paint Protection Films in Colorado Springs


Preserve your vehicle's pristine finish with J9's Auto Detailing's Car Paint Protection Films, a testament to Elijah's dedication to safeguarding your investment in captivating Colorado Springs. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we shield your vehicle from road debris, rock chips, and environmental elements. With expert precision, we apply these transparent films, ensuring that your vehicle's allure remains intact. As you navigate the scenic roads of Colorado Springs, you do so with the assurance that your vehicle's beauty is preserved, and its value is upheld for miles and years to come.


Why Get Clear Bra PPF?

PPF clear bra is the most superior protection you can get for your vehicle.

A lifetime limited warranty is included.

Like to watch the water just pour off your car? Nothing matches the hydrophobic properties of PPF.

Nothing can make your paint look as rich as PPF can. Pair it with a ceramic coating and you'll have superior protection, and head turning shine.

Starting at Price for Sedans

Full Wrap



Full Front Clip



Partial Front Clip


What are paint protection films?

Paint protection films are a clear, self-adhesive film that is applied to the painted surface of a car. Most often referred to as clear-bra. It's usually. i applied to protect and shield a vehicle from road grime and stones that could chip your paint. The film acts as a physical protective barrier between the paint and the elements, from scratches, chips, and stains. It was originally designed for use on military aircraft to protect them from debris during flight. Today, PPF is used on all types of vehicles, from cars and trucks, boats, rv's water sport toys and motorcycles. In fact, PPF could be used on any smooth surface to protect it from normal wear and tear.or many years.

Why Choose PPF over Ceramic?

PPF is the physical protection where ceramic coatings offer chemical protection. In Colorado especially with our rocky terrain the likelihood your car will be hit with debris that could damage your vehicles clear coat is pretty high. This adds a strong protection layer from scuffs, scratches, rock chips, pitting, etc.

What are J9's Benefits for PPF?

- automatic self-healing - extreme gloss - super hydrophobic finish - anti-fouling - Lifetime limited warranty against yellowing, peeling, bubbling and cracking

What's the Warranty?

Lifetime limited warranty covers: - yellowing - cracking - de-laminating - bubbling - peeling


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