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Premier Ceramic Coatings in Colorado Springs


Unleash the power of enduring protection and radiant brilliance with J9's Luxury Auto Detailing's Ceramic Coating service, a testament to Elijah's pursuit of automotive perfection in the stunning Colorado Springs. Our ceramic coatings form an invisible shield, guarding your vehicle's exterior against the elements while imparting a mesmerizing gloss. With meticulous precision, our experts apply these coatings, creating a bond that transcends time and weather. As your vehicle cruises through the enchanting landscapes of Colorado Springs, it becomes a moving work of art, reflecting both your commitment to quality and the beauty of the world around you.


Brands That We Install

Holy Grail Ceramics

IGL Coatings



Image by Nicolas Orellana


Image by Maksym Tymchyk 🇺🇦


Image by Jannis Lucas


Image by serjan midili

XL Trucks/SUVs


What's Your
Car Size?

Questions About Sizing?

Coupe/Sedan Example Sizes

  • Camry

  • Corolla

  • Prius

  • Versa

  • Maxima



  • BZ4X

  • C-HR

  • Cross

  • Rogue

  • Kicks

  • Forrester


SUV/Midsize Truck


  • Rav4

  • Tacoma

  • Murano

  • Pathfinder


XL SUV/Truck/Mini

  • Highlander

  • Sequoia

  • Tundra

  • Armada

  • Minivans

  • Third Row Suv's

What is ceramic coating?

True ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic exterior automotive paint treatment and protectant that is applied in a liquid form and cures to form a hard layer on top of the paint. A true ceramic cannot be purchased in store for consumer use. A professional grade ceramic requires at a minimum paint polishing prior to hand application and take at a minimum 6 hours to install properly. Ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer. After application, it also makes follow-up car washes easier and shields the car from harmful UV rays. Ceramic coating creates intense water beading and dirt run-off and gives a car an extremely glossy shine. Ceramic coating is typically composed of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02), which is sourced from natural materials such as quartz and sand. Some types and brands also use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) as an additional hardening agent. When applied to a car's paint, the two create a chemical bond with hydrophobic, aka water-repellent, properties.

Why get a ceramic coating?

You want your vehicle to look as good as it did the day you bought it. So, you carefully wash it on a regular basis, and you apply a new coat of wax every few months. But despite your efforts, swirl marks, chips, and stains start to populate on your vehicle’s exterior. Not only that, water spots, dirt, and grime start clinging to your car the day after you give it a thorough wash. What if there was a product that could change this narrative; a product that would provide protection from environmental hazards (Water spoting, oxidation, etching) and make your car easier to wash, while not requiring repeated application? Good news! There is. It’s called Ceramic Coating (also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating and sometimes as a Ceramic Clear Coat), and it could add substantial value to your vehicle. This creates a chemical bond with your paints clear coat offering years of protection. It protects against oxidation, bug splatter staining, UV Damage, bird dropping staining, fading, and chemical etching. Did we mention it's awesome hydrophobic properties? To learn more about how vehicles clear coat to offer superior protection, give J9's Luxury Auto Detailing a call! Ask about our prices.

What is a paint correction and why do I need it?

We include at a minimum a polish to every ceramic coating we apply. If the paint needs more intensive correction, we move into a 2-step process to help reduce and sometimes eliminate swirls, light scuffs and scratches. (If we think it would benefit you to do more we will show you before simply charging you for additional services.) This process is necessary because the better the clear coat condition before application, the deeper the shine and overall aesthetic of your vehicle! Paint correction can be a misleading term. It's a fancy way of saying clear coat enhancement. This process does nothing to the paint at all. If a scratch can be felt with a fingernail, it's beyond the clear coat and therefore cannot be corrected with a paint correction.

What is the installation process?

A professional installation takes a long time to do it right. At J9's Luxury Auto detailing, we first use a strip soap to remove any waxes from the paint, followed up with a clay decontamination process, the iron deposits are then removed, and lastly, we wipe the paint completely bare with an IPA. This is just the initial wash! Once the vehicle's paint is bare, we tape off any plastic and rubbers before we move into the polishing or paint correction stage. Here we remove defects in the clear coat such as minor scratches, swirls, and scuffs. After that, we apply the ceramic coating. The cure time is at a minimum 18 hours. The longer you keep your vehicle safe in a garage the stronger the protection.

My car is brand new, does it really need to be polished or corrected first?

Absolutely! We've seen cars come to us 3 days after purchase that needed serious correction. We never know how the dealership has your vehicles washed and dried while it's in their possession and if you're curious, take a flashlight to your paint. You will see more than you expect! Therefore it is imperative for us to try and get it out before adding a layer of protection that will not come out with simple car washing.

Warranty and maintenance after install expectations?

Warranty information will be provided based on the level of protection purchased. Manufacture warrranties and registration are part of your installation process. The maintence on a vehicle with ceramic coatings is minimal! Which is part of the glory of having one. We ask that our customers pay for one maintence boost a year to maintain warranty and that's it! Our Boost wash is only $50 and you can come as often as you want, but once a year to maintain warranty. For you to take care of it at home just hand wash and dry or go to a TOUCHLESS car wash. You won't need to use wax for the duration of your coating so you can just opt for the rinse and dry!

Ceramic Coating FAQs

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