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J9's Luxury Auto Detailing: Elevating Excellence in Colorado Springs, CO ​Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado Springs, J9's Luxury Auto Detailing stands as a beacon of automotive perfection. With a commitment to precision and a passion for excellence, our detailing services redefine the standards of luxury car care. From the heart of Colorado Springs, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, paint protection films, color change, fleet wrapping, vinyl wrap, window tint for home, auto, and business, as well as security films and solar films for businesses. Our commitment extends to advanced tinting options such as ceramic tint and carbon tint, ensuring your vehicle not only looks exquisite but is also equipped with the latest in automotive protection and aesthetics. ​ Detailing Excellence: At the core of our services is the art of detailing. We understand that luxury vehicles demand meticulous attention, and our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to unveiling the true beauty of your car. Whether it's a thorough interior cleaning, paint decontamination, or intricate detailing of every nook and cranny, our detailing services go beyond the surface to ensure a pristine, showroom-worthy finish. We take pride in delivering a level of precision that matches the sophistication of your luxury vehicle. ​ Ceramic Coating for Lasting Brilliance: Experience a new level of automotive protection with our advanced ceramic coating services. Colorado Springs, with its diverse climate, requires a protective shield for your vehicle against the elements. Our ceramic coatings not only enhance the brilliance of your vehicle's paint but also provide a durable layer of defense against UV rays, contaminants, and harsh weather conditions. Trust J9's to elevate your vehicle's appearance and safeguard your investment with our premium ceramic coating solutions. ​ Paint Correction for Perfection: Over time, your vehicle's paint may develop imperfections, swirls, or scratches. Our paint correction services are designed to restore your vehicle's paint to its original, flawless state. Using advanced techniques and high-quality products, we eliminate imperfections, enhance clarity, and revive the vibrancy of your car's finish. The result is a stunning, rejuvenated appearance that reflects the pristine condition of your luxury vehicle. Paint Protection Films: Preserve the integrity of your vehicle's paint with our top-tier paint protection films. Colorado Springs' diverse terrain and weather conditions make paint protection a crucial aspect of car care. Our films act as an invisible shield, guarding your vehicle against stone chips, road debris, and environmental contaminants. With precision installation and high-quality materials, our paint protection films ensure your vehicle's paint stays immaculate for years to come. ​ Color Change and Fleet Wrapping: J9's Luxury Auto Detailing is not just about preserving your vehicle's original beauty; it's also about transforming it to suit your personal style or brand identity. Our color change and fleet wrapping services offer a spectrum of possibilities. Whether you want to refresh your vehicle's color or showcase your brand on a fleet, our expert team ensures a flawless and customized finish that turns heads on the streets of Colorado Springs. Vinyl Wrap Expertise: Explore the world of vinyl wrap at J9's, where creativity meets precision. Our vinyl wrap services encompass a variety of applications, from transforming the look of your vehicle to providing a protective layer against minor abrasions and scratches. With an extensive range of colors and finishes, we bring your vision to life, ensuring your vehicle stands out in the vibrant backdrop of Colorado Springs. Window Tinting for Style and Comfort: Enhance the style, comfort, and privacy of your vehicle or property with our window tinting services. From automotive window tint to residential and commercial applications, our expertise extends to ceramic tint and carbon tint options. Block harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and maintain a comfortable interior temperature while enjoying the added sophistication that tinted windows bring to your vehicle or property. Security and Solar Films for Businesses: J9's Luxury Auto Detailing extends its expertise beyond aesthetics to enhance the functionality and security of your business. Our security films and solar films provide solutions for businesses looking to fortify windows against break-ins and protect interiors from the sun's harsh rays. Enjoy peace of mind with our advanced films that balance security, privacy, and energy efficiency for businesses in the vibrant community of Colorado Springs. ​ Ceramic Tint and Carbon Tint Options: Elevate your driving experience with our advanced tinting options. Our ceramic tint and carbon tint services combine style and functionality. Ceramic tint offers superior heat rejection, reducing interior temperatures and enhancing overall comfort. Carbon tint provides a sleek and non-reflective finish while blocking UV rays. Trust J9's to deliver not only exceptional aesthetics but also the latest in tinting technology for your vehicle. : In the heart of Colorado Springs, J9's Luxury Auto Detailing is more than a service provider; it's a destination for automotive enthusiasts who demand excellence. Our comprehensive range of services, from detailing to ceramic coating, paint protection films to vinyl wraps, reflects our dedication to enhancing and protecting your luxury vehicle. As a trusted name in the community of Colorado Springs, we take pride in not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients. ​ Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the surface, providing a holistic approach to automotive care. Whether you seek a meticulous detailing service, a transformative color change, or advanced protective coatings, J9's Luxury Auto Detailing is your partner in preserving and enhancing the beauty of your vehicle. ​ Explore the possibilities, experience the craftsmanship, and elevate your driving experience with J9's Luxury Auto Detailing. In the stunning backdrop of Colorado Springs, trust us to redefine automotive care, ensuring that every journey reflects the sophistication and opulence your luxury vehicle deserves. Drive with distinction, Dress to the 9's.





Elijah (Jay's) passion for cars began when he went to his first car show as a child. The obsession all started with a 1990 Lamborghini Diablo, where he was convinced, it was a time traveling machine. His love for fancy cars could not be satisfied simply by seeing them at car shows. He started cleaning cars and perfecting his attention to detail when he was in his teens for extra cash, which fueled his dream of turning his passion into a successful business. Your car is more than just a mode of transportation, it is a member of your family, a best friend, and a major investment! And like anything you care deeply for you want it to look and feel it's best. Although we cannot bring your car to the future, we can take it back in time to when it first looked brand new with a professional car detailing service!

Raised on Milwaukee's south side, impoverished and with few resources, Jay struggled behaviorally and academically, being neurodivergent and unable to read or write until about the age of 10. Being both autistic and having ADHD made life incredibly difficult. He suffered a major traumatic brain injury after a sledding accident which impacted his ability to process his once favorite subject, mathematics. At this time, it was discovered he was also dyslexic. Moving every couple of years and having very few friends through his formative years turned him to unhealthy coping mechanisms. He struggled with addictions and even some run ins with law enforcement until his late 20's when he decided enough was enough and completely changed the trajectory of his life. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is an understatement! Moving to Colorado and starting life over without family or support was unbelievably hard! Overcoming adversity and hardships is no match for his drive and passion for success. He is also the only member of his family to graduate college, conquer addiction, and become a leader in his community! All of this took Jay to start J9's Luxury Auto Detailing, the premier car detailing shop in Colorado Springs! His enterprising spirit led him to manage a car dealership, which further expounded upon his skills in car cleaning/protection on a professional level. He has worked under some of the biggest names in the industry before breaking out into his own business, to include both Maserati and Bugatti's exclusive detailer. When you want someone who strives for perfection and professionalism, look no further! From a simple hand car wash to a ceramic coating, we've got you covered with our professional detailers. We have a number of detailing packages to suite everyone's needs and budget so that you can get your car detailing in Colorado Springs. ​ He now spends a lot of his time and resources teaching, coaching, educating, and helping other struggling individuals and troubled youth learn how to find a way out and stop seeing themselves through the eyes of the enemy. Love, compassion, and empathy over all else. 

The name was a culmination of thought between uniqueness and personality. The number 9 itself symbolizes perfection, completion and is the number of magic. It is considered by many to be a sacred number, a symbol of wisdom, good leadership and the number of Heaven. Biblically we know of the 9 fruits of the spirit, in spirituality it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, often associated with higher consciousness, selflessness and compassion. ​ The number 9 was iconic and held greater meaning to Jay personally and J9 was an easy yet simple solution to incorporating a part of himself into what he loves and also something easy to remember. We’ve all heard the expressions ‘The whole 9’ or ‘Dressed to the 9’s’ an idiom meaning perfection. The technical term for protecting interior surfaces of vehicles is called dressing, ‘dressed to the 9’s’ made a perfect slogan for the messaging we were trying to achieve.

Why cars?

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Why 9?

Our Mission


​At J9's Luxury Auto Detailing, we believe in more than just perfecting cars; were dedicated to restoring lives. Our mission goes beyond pristine vehicles - we commit 10% of our profits to The Exodus Road - an organization that supports victims of human trafficking around the world including right here in El Paso County Colorado. They offer training and education for our police force to help identify and help potential victims from harm. Last year, our charitable donations helped raise over $10,000 reaching our local charities like Forge Evolution, Junior Achievement, Rotary Club, Sue's Gift and others. As we passionately give back, we also extend our impact through classes, not just in auto detailing, but in business, personal development, and life skills - empowering individuals to transform their won narratives and create lasting change.

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  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - CSU

  • President - Business Networking International

  • Small Business Award Nominee - BBB

  • Detail Craftsman - Detail King Training Institute

  • Certified Detailer - International Detail Association

  • Paint Correction Specialist - Rupes Bigfoot Academy

  • Member - ACA Business Club

  • Member - Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce

  • 'Best of the Springs' Top 5 - The Gazette 22', 23', 24'

  • Member - Thrive Networks

  • Authorized Dealer & Installer - 3M

J9's Luxury Auto Detailing Owner
Fire Engine Detailing J9's Luxury Auto Detailing


Colorado Springs, Best-In-Town

Welcome to J9's Luxury Auto Detailing, the premier destination for luxury auto detailing services.  We believe everyone deserves a luxury service and that's why our slogan is 'Dress to the 9's'. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer experience and quality workmanship. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals use only professional grade equipment and techniques to ensure that your car receives the best possible care. From exterior paint correction to interior detailing, we offer a wide range of services that cater to every aspect of your car's appearance and needs. We are Colorado Springs' Premier detail shop rated best of for the last 3 years running and hold more trainings and certifications than any other detail shop in town. 

Our customers mean more, their car means more. Come experience the first-class experience of luxury at its finest and drive away looking your best. Our relationship with our clients is lifelong. From this car to the last. We can be counted on to protect your investment and peace of mind.

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Interested in entering the world of car detailing or expanding your skillset? We are launching Colorado Springs' first Detail Academy. Call us to learn more!


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RV/Motorhome Detailing in Colorado Springs

Marzy S.

The team at J9 took an underwhelming looking 5th wheel and made it shine - shine - shine. Communicated with me extremely well. Their attention to detail was awesome - took the time necessary to do it right!!! So happy with the results.

Luxury Brand Car Detailing J9's Luxury Auto Detailing in Colorado Springs

Danny H.

I brought my 23' AMG GT 53 in for window tint and a quick detail. Was really impressed with the level of professionalism and communication for the guys over there. I ended up coming back for a ceramic coating and paint correction. (Yes, even my new car with less than 500 miles on it had so many imperfections under the lights) and for the best protection; Jay talked to me about the benefits of having a clear bra put on my car, so I also got that. The install was fantastic, my car shines better than the day I picked it up. It's nice knowing my car is safe from all of Colorado's hazards! (Well maybe not hail.) Highly recommend these guys, I've learned so much and am confident my car has the best protection on the market. 10 stars.

Colorado Springs Premier Auto Detailers J9's Luxury Auto Detailing

Jennifer M.

The team at J9's is amazing! Impeccable communication from start to finish. The scheduling process was seamless. The attention to detail exceeded all my expectations with my car's first ever detail. I also know pet hair can create extra challenges (Gotta love those Doggos!) Not one pet hair in sight! They succeeded with such a thorough clean. The staff is both friendly and professional. I will use this company for all my future vehicle needs and continue to recommend them to everyone. Thanks!

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