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Colorado Springs trusted Detail Shop answering the most commonly asked questions.

Do you only detail luxury cars? While our name might suggest we only detail high end luxury cars, our brand offers a luxury service not exclusive to luxury auto brands. We are Colorado Springs premier detail shop offering a high-end service catering to the needs of all auto makes and models.

How long does it take to detail a car? Every car that comes through our door is unique and as such receives as much attention as necessary to complete our car detail to perfection. Usually we can complete an interior detail in about 3-4 hours and a full detail in 4-6 hours. If you have something unique feel free to reach out to the professionals at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing for a quote.

What if I want to change the color of my car? There are a few options available to car owners when it comes to changing the color of their car. We have Paint Protection Film for the most protection or a vinyl wrap. These services are best for paint that is already in good condition so that we may protect it further. Bad paint will not allow our films to adhere properly and overall look bad. In this instance we suggest contacting a local body shop for a new paint job.

What is the difference between the window tints on the market? There are a number of different window tinting options available on the market today. J9's Luxury Auto Detailing only carrys and installs the 2 best, Carbon and Ceramic. Carbon offers privacy while shielding out some bad UV rays, while Ceramic rejects heat; keeping your car cooler even in the heat of the sun. Colordo Springs sun is no match for the ceramic tint installed by your pros at J9's.

Can I wait while you are detailing my car? Absolutely. We have a waiting room with refreshments, magazines and streaming video. While you wait you can enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi and welcoming atmosphere.

How much are your services? If you've shopped around our website you've probally been able to get a good idea of what our costs are for services. We try to stick to those prices as often as possible. We realize we are not the cheapest guys on the block, but that's because we guarantee our work, have years of industry experience and are true professionals through and through.

What is the worst thing I can do to my cars paint? Go through a car wash! We aren't joking when we say this, the automated machines and brushes leave your paint looking swirled, scratched up even after the first time and the paint will dull and ultimately start cracking and peeling YEARS prematurely. If you don't want to pay for a hand wash or have the time to do so yourself, go through a touchless car wash.

Do I need Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)? In our honest professional opinion, yes. Some states can get way without needing it, but Colorado is such a rocky terrain and the amount of rock chipping we see here is exponentially more than some of our neighboring states. As such, we highly suggest protecting your car with our 3M Scotchgard 8Mil Film with a 10 year warranty included. We are the leading 3M installers in Colorado Springs.

What charities do you donate to? If you've looked into us at all, you'll see our commitment to community. We love to support a number of causes and couldn't list them all here but some include; Rotary Club, Sue's Gift, Junior Achievement, Forge Evolution and more.

Can I have my windows tinted at the same time as my detail? Absolutely. We are a full service detail shop with all trades in space. We hired the best of the best for each modality. Window tinting in colorado springs is a must, why not add it on to your detail service?

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