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The 9's Detailing Training Academy

Welcome to the 9's Detailing Training Academy – Where Expertise Meets Empowerment!

Unlock the secrets to automotive excellence at our 9's Detailing Training Academy, where hands-on experience meets comprehensive education. Immerse yourself in the art of car detailing, business development, and personal growth, acquiring skills that entitle you to craft your narrative in the automotive world. We cover the whole 9!

Why Choose Our Academy?

👌We get to the point. No dragged out 3 day seminars. We load you up with all the essentials to get running in one day.

🙌Individual training session, we set you up for success with completely individualized training. (We never have more than 2 students at a time.)
🚗 Hands-On Detailing: Master the intricacies of detailing with practical, real-world applications on a variety of vehicles.
📈 Business Development: Learn the ins and outs of building a successful detailing business, from marketing strategies to client relations.
💪 Personal Development: Elevate your personal and professional skills, gaining the confidence to build your own business in the competitive detailing industry.

💥Lifetime mentor access. Having someone to answer questions as you encounter things for the first time is priceless.

At The 9's Detailing Training Academy, we go beyond instruction; we give you the tools you to become a driving force in the automotive world. Join us and transform your passion into expertise!

  Having a mentor when you get started is the single most greatest way to ensure your continued success We work with your budget. We understand not everyone has the same resources, but deserves the same opportunities for business. We work with your schedule, we are open 6 days a week, let us know which days work best for you to coordinate. 

Business Meeting

What you'll learn

Real life skills and hands-on experience you can take with you.

Part I


Business Start up

  • Registering with the state

  • Setting up Google my business

  • Investigate local environmental laws with EPA

  • Check out the competition

  • Permits and licenses needed

  • Business structure

  • Business bank account

  • Determine the types of vehicles you will detail

  • Identify your target customer

  • How to get and keep business


Setting Up

  • Choosing a location

  • Determine type oequipment

  • Purchase adequate insurance

  • Communication system

  • Get EIN number

  • Setting up business credit

  • Acquire a business bank account

  • Set up merchant credit card 

  • Social Media Outlets

  • Business Networking Groups



  • Develop an advertising budget

  • Create a company logo for branding

  • Design marketing material

  • Design a service menu

  • Pricing your packages

  • Dress for success

  • Networking groups

  • Pay Per Click advertising

  • Website & Domain

  • Social Media Outlets

  • Direct mail & email campaigns

  • Print media advertising

  • Utilizing AI for your business


Sales Training

  • Understanding what sales really is

  • Listening  to your customers ques

  • Up selling techniques

  • Adding value/Pervceived value

  • How to close a customer

  • Quickly identify potential customer vs.  bottom price shoppers

  • How to create lifelong customers

  • How to generate referrals

Setting Up Mobile or Shop


  • Chemical families

  • When to use in each situation

  • Dilution ratios

  • Towels use and care

  • Equipment usage

  • Must haves

  • What to do if

  • Brushes

  • Applicators and dressing pads

  • Detailing tools and accessories

  • Bottles & chemical storage

Quality Control


  • Your final  inspection

  • Satisfaction sheet

  • Ensuring you get the most out of each job

  • Asking for repeat business

  • Recurring customer

Hands On


  • Step by step exterior wash process

  • Engine bay detail

  • Identifying different rims

  • Choosing the right chemical

  • Interior detailing

  • How to use tools real life

  • Cleaning glass

  • Bug and Tar removal

  • Addressing overspray

  • Dressing black plastics

  • Step by step full detail



  • Identifying up sell oppritunities

  • Identifying paint imperfections

  • Polishers

  • Different pads for use

  • What compound to use with what pad

  • Mechanical decontimination
  • Addressing water spots
  • Chrome polishing
  • Learn paint enhancement

  •  Fine detailing hacks

  •  Pet hair removal

If you’d like more information about our academy, get in touch today.

Learn to Become a Detailing Professional



​Why The 9's Detailing Academy


  • Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce Members

  • International Detailing Association                             - Certified Detailer - Skills Verified - Member

  • Detailing King Training Institute                                     -Craftsman

  • Colorado State University                                      -Bachelors of Science Business Admin.

  • Best of the Springs - The Gazette                              - Top 5 - 2022, 2023

  • Rupes Certified                                                      -

  • Paint Correction Specialist

  • Holy Grail Ceramics                                                       -Certified Installer

  • 3M Films                                                                              -Certified Installer (12/2023)

  • Suntek                                                                    -Certified Installer

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Explore Excellence at Our 9's Detailing Training Academy

If you're passionate about car detailing and aspire to turn your enthusiasm into a successful career, The 9's Detailing Training Academy is the ideal destination. Our academy provides in-depth education and practical experience in car detailing, business development, and personal growth, empowering you with the skills necessary for success in the competitive automotive industry.

Key Features:

  • Hands-On Learning: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive program to gain practical expertise through real-world detailing scenarios.

  • Business Acumen: Master essential business development skills, from effective marketing strategies to managing client relationships.

  • Personal Development: Elevate your confidence and professionalism, shaping your unique narrative in the detailing landscape.

Enroll at the Elite Detailing Training Academy and embark on a journey that enhances your skills and propels you to the forefront of the automotive world. Drive your success with The 9's – Where Passion Meets Proficiency!

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