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Our Mission

As a social impact business, we strive to utilize our resources for the greater good. One of the ways we contribute is by making donations to The Exodus Road, an organization dedicated to putting an end to the suffering caused by human trafficking. We firmly believe in more than just providing top-notch vehicles. Our vision extends to a world where no human being is subjected to the horrors of being bought, sold, or exploited.

Our Core Values

Accountability, Communication, Continuous Improvement, Excellence, Integrity, and Passion.

Our Team

Leading professionals, detailers, and installers in Colorado Springs

Jay Founder & CEO J9 Detailing

Jay Latona

Founder & CEO

Industry Experience: 8 Years


Caleb Mandry

Sales Manager

Experience: 13 Years

Window Tinter

Hunter Keene

Window Tinter

Experience: 7 Years


Kara Kinkade

Vinyl Wrap Installer

Experience: 3 Years

J9 Detailer

Robert Patterson


Experience: 6 months


Carola Raferty


Experience: 16 Years

image0 (1).jpeg

Craig Tomanini

Business Strategist

Experience: 30 Years

Client Acquisition Manager

Joseph Barragan

Client Acquisition Manager

Experience: 7 Years


Tim Jaw

Window Tinter

Experience: 3 Years

Lead Detailer

Daniel Holtzclaw

Lead Detailer

Experience: 4Years

J9 Detailer

Garrett Briding


Experience: 1 Year

Chris Business Strategist

Chris Lawler

Marketing Strategist

Experience: 16 Years

Quality Control Manager

Hannah Kolmetz

Operations Manager

Experience: 7 Years

PPF/Wrap Installer

Alex Watkins

PPF/Wrap Installer

Experience: 10 Years


Luis Ramirez


Experience: 3 Years


Charlie Jahner

Fleet Wrap Designer

Experience: 18 Years

Our Name

The name was a culmination of thought between uniqueness and personality. The number 9 itself symbolizes perfection, completion of a cycle and is also the number of magic. It is considered by many to be a sacred number, a symbol of wisdom, good leadership and the number of Heaven. Biblically we know of the 9 fruits of the spirit, in spirituality it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, often associated with higher consciousness, selflessness and compassion. All of which are our guiding principles. 

The number 9 was iconic and held greater meaning to Jay personally and J9 was an easy yet simple solution to incorporating a part of himself into what he loves, and also something easy to remember. We’ve all heard the expressions ‘The whole 9’ or ‘Dressed to the 9’s’ an idiom meaning perfection. The technical term for protecting interior surfaces of vehicles is called "dressing"; ‘dressed to the 9’s’ made a perfect slogan for the messaging we were trying to convey.

J9 Logo 2

Why Cars?

Elijah (Jay's) passion for cars began when he went to his first car show as a child. The obsession all started with a 1990 Lamborghini Diablo, where he was convinced, it was a time traveling machine. His love for fancy cars could not be satisfied simply by seeing them at car shows. He started cleaning cars and perfecting his attention to detail when he was in his teens for extra cash, which fueled his dream of turning his passion into a successful business. Your car is more than just a mode of transportation, it is a member of your family, a best friend, and a major investment! And like anything you care deeply for you want it to look and feel it's best. Although we cannot bring your car to the future, we can take it back in time to when it first looked brand new with a professional car detailing service!

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Small Business Owner of the Year Nomination - BBB

21', 22', 23' Best of The Springs 'Top 5'  

Over 100 Google 5 Stars - (Real Reviews) 

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BBB Accredited business
5 Star rating

Just some of the recognitions we've received over the years!

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Small Business Owner of the Year Nomination

Jay's Story

Raised on Milwaukee's south side, impoverished and with few resources, Jay struggled behaviorally and academically, being neurodivergent and unable to read or write until about the age of 10. Being both autistic and having ADHD made life incredibly difficult. He suffered a major traumatic brain injury after a sledding accident which impacted his ability to process his once favorite subject, mathematics. At this time, it was discovered he was also dyslexic. Moving every couple of years and having very few friends through his formative years turned him to unhealthy coping mechanisms.


He struggled with addictions and even some run ins with law enforcement until his late 20's when he decided enough was enough and completely changed the trajectory of his life. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is an understatement! Moving to Colorado and starting life over without family or support was unbelievably hard! Overcoming adversity and hardships is no match for his drive and passion for success. He is also the only member of his family to graduate college, conquer addiction, and become a leader in his community!


His enterprising spirit led him to manage a car dealership, which further expounded upon his skills in car cleaning/protection on a professional level. He has worked under some of the biggest names in the industry before breaking out into his own business, to include both Maserati and Bugatti's exclusive detailer and Rupes Training facilitator. When you want someone who strives for perfection and professionalism, look no further! From a simple hand car wash to a ceramic coating, we've got you covered.

He now spends a lot of his time and resources teaching, coaching, educating, and helping other struggling individuals and troubled youth learn how to find a way out and stop seeing themselves through the eyes of the enemy. Love, compassion, and empathy over all else.


"We rise by lifting others. Those ready for my message; will seek my voice"  -EML

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