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Professional Automotive Window Tinting in Colorado Springs


Experience the perfect balance of style, comfort, and protection in Colorado Springs with J9's Luxury Auto Detailing's Standard Carbon Window Tinting service. Elijah's dedication to your driving pleasure extends to every detail, enhancing privacy and reducing glare as you explore the sunny city. Our expert certified technicians deftly apply high-quality window films, not only transforming the aesthetic but also safeguarding your vehicle's interior from the sun's harsh rays. As you navigate the streets of Colorado Springs or the Rocky Mountains, our window tinting becomes a sophisticated expression of your discerning taste.

Geoshield Window Tint at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing in Colorado Springs
3m window tint at j9's luxury auto detailing in colorado springs


Elevate your driving experience in the scenic landscapes of Colorado Springs with Carbon Window Tinting at J9's Detailing. Our high-performance carbon window tint not only enhances the sleek aesthetics of your vehicle but also provides exceptional heat rejection, safeguarding against the intense Colorado sun. Enjoy long-lasting color stability without interference with electronic signals. Perfect for the altitude and unique climate of Colorado Springs, our carbon window tint ensures privacy, UV protection, and a cool, comfortable ride. Experience the next level of window tinting technology with J9's Detailing – where innovation meets the beauty of Pikes Peak.

What are the different kinds of window tint?

The cheapest and most affordable is the dyed films. These you often see turn purple, fade, crack and peel more often than not. They provide no protection from the sun, just privacy. Carbon is a step up in quality, it generally does not experience the issues above but does cost more. The best and most costly is ceramic tint which will provide at a minimum 86% of heat rejection, 99% uv rejection, protects you, your interior from cracking, leathers from fading, dashboard from cracking as well as provide privacy. It is generally easier to see out of than either of the other two as well.

Do we warranty window tint?

All our window tint includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Do you offer windshield warranty?

We do not warranty windshields. It is illegal to have tint of any kind while we will install, we will not warranty it. It is the owners responsibility should they decide to have tint installed on their vehicles for any legal or accidents that may happen. This service is offered at owners risk and responsibility only.

How long before I can roll down my windows after getting tint?

We ask all our customers to wait a period of 24-48 hours before rolling down their windows.

Window Tinting FAQs

How does carbon window tint compare to ceramic window tint?

Both carbon and ceramic window tints are premium options known for their heat rejection capabilities and non-metallic composition. However, there are some distinctions. Ceramic tint often surpasses carbon tint in terms of heat rejection, making it slightly more effective in blocking out infrared rays. Ceramic tint may also be more resistant to fading over an extended period. The choice between the two depends on specific preferences, budget considerations, and the desired level of performance.

Does carbon window tint provide privacy during the day?

Yes, carbon window tint enhances daytime privacy by reducing the visibility into your vehicle's interior. While it is not as reflective as some metallic tints, carbon tint effectively limits the view from the outside, providing occupants with a sense of privacy without compromising the aesthetics or clarity of the windows.

How long does it take to install?

Install times will vary based on experience level of your tinter. We have one of the most sought after tinters in the nation and he can turn around a full vehicle in about an hour and a half!

How long does it take to install?

After installing your window tint you will see some small bubbles in the tint, this is totally normal. As the adhesive activates after installation those bubbles dissapate. If you see bubbles after one week, give us a call and we will get you take care of!

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