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Why you should NEVER use Chemical Guys products as a Detailer!

We've seen them everywhere. Walmart, AutoZone, heck even your neighborhood auto detailer probably uses them. But why shouldn't you use them?

If your just someone who likes to keep their car cleaned, there's actually nothing wrong with them. But for a professional detailer, it's a huge loss financially because you are paying for prediluted products at full price. There are a number of commercial grade detailing lines that should be considered before spending premium dollars on retail grade stuff.

I suggest supporting local if you can. Here in Colorado, we have BB Blending who is a white label for a ton of major detailing brands. If you look at the SDS for your favorite products you'd be surprised to see, they are most likely white label manufactured by someone else.

Even Adam's Polishes aren't made in house anymore. BB Blending won't or can't acknowledge this, but the SDS sheets are identically. So, do you want to pay for the mark up on a brand or find yourself a distributor for much less on the same thing? Although this isn't an endorsement of BB Blending, as I've personally had a negative experience, I am suggesting to you to find someone local for less.

When you are first beginning your business, you won't realize how much chemicals you actually go through until you've done enough cars. Your biggest expense in the beginning is/will be chemicals and equipment. You can't cheap on your equipment, but you can save a ton of money by finding commercial grade products.

I've found that new detailers seem to stray away from diluting their own chemicals because they don't understand what it means to dilute their chemicals. For example, 5:1 as a dilution doesn't make any sense if no one explains it to you. The first number is always water and the second is chemical. Like this WATER:CHEMICAL. So here 5 parts water to 1 part chemical. So 6 parts in all.

What you do is take your empty bottle, (sometimes they'll be marked for you other times not) you can imagine cutting it into 6 equal pieces.

If you have a dilution that says 1:1. That means its 2 parts, or half of it is water and the other half is chemical. See, it's not that scary. It's not an exact science when you are beginning. If your chemical gives you a range like you can dilute anywhere from 4:1 - 10:1 err on the site of caution and do the 10:1 until you see how that chemical works for you. More water is better when you are first getting started. The higher the number on the left, the more water. Easy Peezy.

I personally love Majestic Solutions . They have affordable products, friendly staff and service and can help you design a commercial set up if needed in addition to hands on training and education. They are located in NC for those on that site of the US. I've yet to find someone I like better. Although I pay a bit more for shipping, I am completely satisfied with their products. I am not affiliated with or endorsed by, so check them out. That's my unbiased and professional auto detailing opinion.

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