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Where should I go to get my car detailed?

Updated: Feb 9

When you are looking for professional auto detailing services, there's a few things you should consider before even looking at price. Reputation might be a good one to consider but even little Timmy down the street could have a good reputation, that doesn't make him qualified or knowledgeable to handle your vehicle.

This industry is no exception to you get what you pay for, you can always find someone to do it for less, but that can include permanent damage to your car. Simply running a google search for Auto Detailing Near Me, won't protect you from the mayhem that could happen. When shopping I would prioritize the following things:

The first question you should ask is what training or certifications do they have? We have one main governing body, The International Detailing Association. In my professional opinion, if they've never taken the time to get certified at any juncture of their career, they might not be a good fit. It's very affordable for detailers to take these tests to prove they have the bare minimum knowledge on chemical use, proper care for different materials, what to and not to do.

Secondly, I'd ask if they are insured. Believe it or not, more than half of detailers operate not only without insurance but also aren't even registered with the state. For you this could be a huge financial liability, if something unfortunate should arise. I prefer to do business when I have recourse. Also, just because someone is insured it doesn't mean they're covered for all things detailing. Getting coverages for Marine/RV/Aircraft are NOT part of standard detailing insurances. Most detailers don't even know that. Vehicle owners should know that most detailers insured through NEXT (most popular insurer for detailing) or the like, do not have even enough coverage protection to even pay for a new paint job, if they should damage it. Additionally, make sure they have something called 'Garage Keepers'. It's astounding the number of detailers and detail shops who do not know what this is and therefor don't have it. This protects the vehicle in the event of fire, theft, vandalism or collision while in possession of the shop/detailer. Simply asking 'Are you insured?' Does not assure they are properly insured!

One more thing to consider before hiring. Are they on Google? Just being a Facebook detailer or detail shop is a no go for me. Again, you won't have any recourse in the event something goes poorly. Real businesses get vetted through Google. Even better ones are BBB accredited. See if they are member of a Chambers of Commerce etc. Don't get suckered into a fly by night detailer just like any other service industry. Colorado Springs, CO is loaded with what I like to call 'Backyard Detailers.' No accreditations, no certifications, no Google listing.

The next question to ask is 'What chemicals do you use?' If they say Chemical Guys, run the other way. We've all seen Chemical Guys at Walmart or AutoZone. I'm not saying it's necessarily bad, but what I am saying is anyone who uses their products is likely an amateur. Anyone whose been detailing for at least a year will come to this realization very quickly. There is nothing that screams "I don't really know what I'm doing" quiet like this. If they don't have an account with a reputable commercial grade supplier, I would hard pass. Although Chemical guys is widely available, professionally there are higher-grade products with more professional results.

The last questions to ask is how long have you been in business? Now just know they can say any number. What I wouldn't do is believe that number. Jump on google, you will see how long they've been in business actually. If they aren't registered with the state or BBB accredited, you might not be able to find that information... which again would mean turn away. Time in business isn't necessarily indicative of good work performed, however. Just because someone has been doing this for 20 years doesn't mean he's actually better than the guy whose been in business for 2. He could have been doing a mediocre job for the last 20 years.

So, in summary it's important to trust the person you're handing your keys over to. With detailing being an unregulated industry, there are backyard detailers everywhere. So, you never know who is going to show up at your home, or work on your car, unless you've done your research first.

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