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What is Auto Detailing?

If you've heard someone use the term Auto Detailing or seen advertising for it, you may have wondered what it actually meant. You can run a Google search for Auto Detailing Near Me and find a bunch of businesses in your local area.

But what is Auto Detailing? It is the process of taking a dirty car to a 'like new' one. This process will vary depending on which detailer you hire, but overall, the steps and procedures are the about the same.

We here at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing in Colorado Springs, CO, first start by removing all the personal items and trash. We do a preliminary vacuum and remove your floor mats. Depending on the package chosen will depend how in depth your detailer will get with the next part.

A basic detail for us means we will use an all-purpose cleaner and detail brush to get into the small cracks and crevices like the seams of your seats, the steering wheel, your knobs buttons switches. We go through and clean the entire surface of the car to include your seats, plastics, trims etc. (Sometimes a steam cleaner is used to speed up the process and also do a deeper clean.) Literally every surface of your vehicle is cleaned even at our most basic package. (Excluding headliner.)

We then move into shampooing or extracting seats/carpet. The chemicals used here will depend on/if there are any stains to treat. Detailers have 4 main chemicals to use for this process. If your detailer can't name the 4 classes of chemicals for stain extraction, reconsider hiring them. If the wrong chemical is used, it can set that stain forever.

The next step is to protect the interior. This is usually done with leather conditioner, UV protection. Fabric guard etc.

The last step we take is to clean the windows, mirrors, glass.

We do one last vacuum for good measure before returning your floor mats and personal items.

Why would someone pay for this service you ask? We offer our services mostly for people who don't have time to do it themselves. Some of our customers just need a professional's help. We have equipment and chemicals you can't buy in store.

Although you may keep your car pretty clean, you would be surprised to know that even a standard detail takes several hours. When you really want to bring your car back in time to a like new condition, this is the way to go. I used to think I detailed my car, until I actually learned how to professionally detail. Everyone should get this service annually at a minimum. J9's Luxury Auto Detailing reports to Carfax so your dollars don't go unnoticed by the next buyer either. So, weather you are looking for a professional auto detailer near you or one in Colorado Springs, you should now have a basic understanding of what an Auto Detail entails!


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