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Paint Protection by 3M, why it's the standard and why you need it.

Anyone with a brand-new vehicle knows the importance of protecting their assets paint with clear bra also known as a self-healing paint protective film (PPF). For more expensive vehicles, especially if you plan to keep that car or truck for years to come, putting clear-bra on the entire vehicle is an essential to ensuring its paint looks great even 10 years later. There is nothing on the market today that gives you the level of protection that 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series 200 does.

Add depth to your gloss coat or change the appearance to a matte finish. If you are looking to protect your exterior and change up the aesthetics completely from the traditional gloss to a matte, consider 3M Matte Finish. The Matte Paint Protection Pro Series 200 has the same protective qualities as the Scotchgard gloss series and the same 10-year warranty from 3M, the industry standard when it comes to clear-bra, window tint and more. What really separates our films over competitors though is the 3M is the most widely recognized and trusted brand in America. With their selective and rigorous requirements and training regimen, not just anyone can wear the Certified Installer badge proudly.

Is Paint Protection Film the same as Vinyl Wrap? No, actually they are very different. While a clear bra can enhance gloss depth or turn you ride into a matte masterpiece, it will not change colors completely. Vinyl does give you the ability to drastically change up the appearance of your ride, however it comes with a high-ticket price, and a short shelf life. The reason is that vinyl is extremely thin and will start to chip and fade within just a few short years or even a few months.

Additionally, because vinyl is thin, it provides NO protection to your paint whatsoever. In fact, a vinyl wrap will need to be removed and redone every few years.

So why get a self-healing paint protection film you may ask? 3M film technology provides exception stain, weather and abrasion resistance. This all translates to showroom quality paint for years. We like to call it 'out of sight protection'. It can act as a protective barrier around those vulnerable areas like the front bumper, hoods, and door edges. As well as protect your paint form being damage by rock chips, scratches, bugs, road debris and the brutal sun of Colorado Springs. The Matte finish contains a high strength backing that features excellent abrasion, puncture and tear resistance along with high heat and moisture resistance you just don't find in a competitor's brand.

. Scotchgard by 3M is the industry standard that's often replicated but never duplicated. Come see why 3M is the most recognized brand name in paint protection films.

Our 3M Paint Protection Films are all backed by a 10-year warranty! Since we are a Certified Installer and have undergone hands-on training at the Chicago training facility, you can rest assured you are in the best hands. This warranty ensured your covered from defects like yellowing, bubbling, and cracking. If you would like to speak with a qualified installer right here in Colorado Springs about a Gloss or Matte Clear Bra, you can call or text us at (719)-920-3290.

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