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Ceramic Coatings Installed Near You

Updated: Apr 13

Admit it, a vehicle that looks immaculate turns heads and raises eyebrows!

You can get that effect with the best car ceramic coating installation in Colorado Springs from the professionals at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing.

Ceramic Coating Protects Your Paint Against Harm

Your vehicle is typically your second largest investment you make during your lifetime, don't you want to protect it from all of Colorados' harm!

So how do you protect your vehicle from the hazards of daily driving while also making the Maintenace a breeze and the shine pierce your eyes? Why a ceramic coating of course!

There are a number of ceramic coating installers in Colorado Springs, what you might not know is that they may not be qualified to do so, even if they are certified by their favorite brand. Let's delve in shall we.

Car Ceramic Coating in Colorado Springs, CO

What is Ceramic Coating? It is a silica liquid-based polymer that trained professionals use to cover the vehicles exterior. Once you apply the ceramic coat, the polymer makes a bond with your clear coat which doesn't allow any external chemical hazards to pass through the protective layer. In essence, the ceramic coat acts as a shield, protecting the genuine paint from the harmful elements.

What does it protect from?

Chemical warfare is what a ceramic coat protects you from. Industrial fall out, bug gut etching, bird droppings, harmful UV rays (which we get ample of in Colorado Springs) tree sap etching, water spotting can also be protected to a certain extend as well as other environment contaminates.

Ceramic Coatings are Not Akin to Conventional Wax Polishes or Sealants The polymer layer does not disintegrate when faced with the heat of the sun, or water. In other words, you don’t need to repeat the process of applying a coat once every few weeks or months.

Waxes are a thing of the past, especially here with the intensity of the sun at 5,000+ feet. Even sealant have a hard time performing well here.

The Advantages of Having a Ceramic Coat

The most noticeable advantage is its insane gloss. A clean ceramic coated vehicle will outperform any waxes or sealants hands-down. You'll be guaranteed to turn heads with one of these on, not to mention; it also doesn't get as dirty and washing it takes only a fraction of the time! It'll look great after each wash, and you won't ever have to wax it again! (For the duration of its shelf life which varies here at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing 2 year up to a lifetime! You choose your package; we will professionally install)

Your car (almost) always looks clean. When you apply a high-quality ceramic coating product to your vehicle, the results are extremely noticeable. The nano particulates make it hydrophobic, so it's hard for dust, dirt, or mud to stick to your car as easily as without a coating. So, take it off roading with your buddies and notice how yours looks better even after a wild ride.

It’s Easier to Wash Your Car, Truck or SUV Since a ceramic coating is essential a slippery additional topcoat to your paint, it makes washing it a breeze. You will notice how little effort you have to put in to get that shine back.

Shields against scratches & scrapes The ceramic coat shield is designed to be stronger and more effective than regular wax. While ceramics are designed to protect you from environmental hazards and not physical ones, it does still add an extra layer of protection from light scuffs and scratches that waxes cannot.

Protects against the Sun’s harmful UV rays Being closer to the sun here in Colorado we can guarantee our skin, paint and vehicle interiors take a real beating. Think of ceramic coatings as sunscreen. We can put ceramic on not just the exterior, but interior as well. If you want to ensure the leather doesn't prematurely wear or fade, have it coated.

The gloss is insane The silica base formula essential is a liquid-based glass, and like glass will bring depth and gloss to your paint.

A long-term solution Ceramic Coating is the only protective solution out there that provides a wealth of benefits while also being long-lasting. Once you apply the coat, you don’t have to redo it for years! Even after the years have passed, you only pay to redo the process at a fraction of the initial investment. Ceramic Coating does all of this with just one application!

J9's Luxury Auto Detailing installs ceramic coating for luxury vehicles, exotic cars, sports cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, RV's, Boats, Motorcycles and more right here in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Are the Limitations of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are a thing of beauty; however, they are not impenetrable nor indestructible. Everything has its limits. Here are the limitations on ceramic coatings.

It is not scratch proof Ceramic coatings are not notorious for its physical protection. Its rise to fame lies in its resistance to chemical warfare and insane gloss.

Not immune to water-spotting Water spotting happens when rain or moisture mixes with debris or dust in the air and dries on your paint. The more alkaline or base the water is to begin with will decide how likely it is to leave the dreaded marks of water spotting. While ceramic coatings do make it less likely to happen, it is not guaranteed 100%.

You still have to wash your car, truck or SUV While a ceramic coating will make your vehicle look newer longer, it still needs to be maintained just like before. You just can do it in less time and have great results with little effort.

The Truth behind the #1 Myth about Ceramic Coatings

Seeing inexperienced and frankly unqualified installers isn't unheard of here in Colorado Springs. You can normally tell by the brand they install, if paint correction or polishing is included and the certifications they hold. If it's ever described to you as a substitute for paint protection films, that's a bold-faced lie. Now we do have a product called Revivify that is essentially the best of both worlds the ceramic coating and PPF but we will get into depth about that in another blog. Truthfully though the best protection is the combination of the two. You can achieve it like we said either with the Revivify coatings system or by having a ceramic coating put on top of your paint protection film. Biggest difference on the two is the longevity. We see about 5 years out of the revivify coating and 10 years out of our PPF/Ceramic Coating combo.

Therefore, if you want the best protection for your car, a combination of paint protection film PPF and ceramic coat will do you wonders.

SystemX & Holy Grail Ceramic Coating Features

Designed With PPF In Mind Both of our preferred brands awe our customers. One is just more nationally recognized. Honestly, a chemist once told us that ceramic coatings are such a volatile compound that the difference between professional brands is miniscule. This chemist is a white label chemist of at least 3 major brands we cannot disclose. So, the biggest thing to look out for, if it doesn't protect for at least 2 years, its consumer grade. You don't want that. You can find that on Amazon, it isn't worth a cent in my opinion.

Superior Hydrophobic Formula The hydrophobic and oleo phobic layers in the ceramic coat work together to repel all kinds of liquids and lubricants from your car’s surface. Remember we are protecting it from chemical warfare, being hydrophobic is one of its rises to glory. SystemX Pro, Diamond SS, and Max coatings are all installed in our shop. Holy Grail Ceramics we install the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Holy Grail.

Protection Against The Elements SystemX is arguably one of the most recognized brands in ceramic coatings. It's an industry leader in nano ceramic technology. Ultra-slick, hydrophobic and glossy. A little less known brand, Holy Grail Ceramics is a favorite of mine, a little more complicated to install but worth it with its end results. It has a slower cure time which to me equates to deeper gloss. But we install both as our clients request a name they know more often.

Adds Depth, Improves Shine & Surface Clarity If you want the new car look, SystemX and Holy Grail Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your paint.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance The slippery and shiny layer of SystemX or Holy Grail Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking clean all the time. When there are specks of dirt on the surface, all you need to do is wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and your car looks as good as new.

5 Year Warranty The amazing SystemX Pro Ceramic Coating will give you no problems for up to 6 years. If anything happens in that period, you are covered by a warranty.

Ceramic Coating Options in Colorado Springs, CO

Most Colorado Springs ceramic coating shops will offer you a coating without so much as a polish! At baseline we do a polish even for out entry level coating. At J9's Luxury Auto Detailing, we offer warranties on all our Ceramic Coating installs and ensure we take the right steps to make sure it looks great before we install. Whether you’re looking for the best Porche, Ferrari or Lamborghini ceramic coating (or another vehicle make), the experts at J9's Luxury Auto Detailing will work the magic. We offer our services for all makes and models, including sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans, Rv's, Boats' Motorcycles and more.

You can view our pricing options for Ceramic Coating here, or if you would like to speak with a professional, you can call us at (719)920-3290.

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