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3 Things To Know About Car Detailing - Before Hiring Someone

Updated: Jan 12

What you need to know about car detailing

Whether you are looking for a car detail in Colorado Springs, or just a car detail near you, there's a few things you should know before hiring your next service.

  • Not everyone who details cars, is in fact, a Detailer. Sadly, because the car detailing industry isn't regulated, anyone can give themselves the title of car Detailer, buy a $5 logo online, and fool you into thinking they're a legitimate company.

But how do you not get fooled? Just because someone has a good personal reputation or comes recommended from a friend, doesn't make them a qualified car Detailer. I would find someone who is certified by the IDA (International Detailing Association), at a minimum. Like I said it's not required to hold any certifications but this proves that they have at least the basics down and can demonstrate these skills. A car Detailer can get certified and then also have their skills verified by the IDA. (The closest thing to a governing body we have as car Detailers.)

  • Make sure your car Detailer has insurance. I cannot stress this enough! You may not think simply cleaning a car could be potentially harmful or dangerous to your vehicle, but I assure you; the wrong combination of chemicals could remove things you don't want removed like knob and switches labeling, etching your vinyl, potentially changing the color of the interior, swirl or scratch your paint. Amongst other things.

NEXT insurance is a cheap insurance many car detailers have at a minimum, I would again suggest a larger more recognized carrier that also offers Garage Keepers. I can personally say that a Google search for car detailing in Colorado Springs, that a number of people/shops will pop up that aren't either qualified or insured adequately. Buyer beware!

  • An inexperienced car Detailer will most likely use store bought chemicals, (chemicals guys, meguiars etc.) have low prices, (based on their inexperience as a car Detailer) and most likely will believe having a Facebook page makes them a legitimate business but wont actually be registered with your state. (Therefore giving you no recourse in the likely event that something adverse happens).

All in all the best advice I could give is to spend even just a few minutes researching your potential car Detailer before hiring them. From the Rolls Royce to the Honda Civic, having a properly trained car Detailer is a must!

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