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Professional Paint Correction Services in Colorado Springs


Unveil the true potential of your vehicle's beauty with J9's Auto Detailing's Auto Paint Correction service, a testament to Elijah's unwavering pursuit of excellence in Colorado Springs. Our artisans are skilled in the art of revealing flawless brilliance hidden beneath imperfections. Through a meticulous process of gentle abrasion and precision polishing, we transcend time-worn blemishes, restoring the paint's original depth and clarity. The picturesque landscapes of Colorado Springs find their mirror image in your vehicle's glistening finish, capturing attention on every road you traverse.


Paint Correction


Starting at for a 2-Step Correction

Paint Corrections minimize the appears of clear coat imperfections. Swirls, spider webbing, minor scuffs and scratches can be reduced and sometimes completely eliminated. Bring luster back to your paint! 

Clearcoat is refined with a 75-90% of defect removal.


Includes exterior wash, clay bar decontamination, fallout removal, iron removal, and light tar removal.


Will need paint protection of some sort. Wax, sealant, graphene or ceramic, not included in price. 

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Car Mechanic


Paint Polishing | $350

Starting at for single step DA polish  with two passes. Removes or reduces surface imperfections such as paint swirls and very light scratches 50-70%. This is best for a paint maintenance and for bringing luster back to the paint. Must be paired with a paint protection of some sort. Not included in price. 

Paint Enhancement | $100

Starting at for single pass with our finest polish infused with nano protection. This state-of-the-art nanotechnology removes very minor imperfections while creating a durable layer of protection for up to 12 months. Leaves a noticeably smoother and shinier surface.

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